Professor Takeuchi’s group at IIS, University of Tokyo Japan

Think hybrid!

Professor Takeuchi is director of the hybrid bio-systems laboratory, which is a pioneer in the field of hybrid MEMS.

The current research topics of the lab are:

Biohybrid Devices: Highly sensitive and selective odorant sensor using living cells expressing insect olfactory receptors; controlling the shape of filamentous cells of Escherichia coli when cultured on MEMS; ultra-smooth glass channels for bio-assay with motor proteins, micro-patterning of active proteins with perforated PDMS sheets; hybrid nano-transport system by bio-molecular linear motors.

Implantable Sensors: Long-term implants using fluorescent hydrogel fibers; injectable hydrogel micro systems for fluorescence based in-vivo continuous glucose monitoring.

3D Tissue Construction: Cell origami (3D cell-laden micro-structures by applying the principle of
the Japanese traditional origami technique and cell traction force.)

Arti cial Cells: Simple methods for direct micro-encapsulation in lipid vesicles; electro-formation of giant liposomes in micro-fluidic channels; utilization of cell-sized lipid containers for nano-structure and macro-molecule handling in micro-fabricated devices; micro-fluidic devices for electro-fusion of biological vesicles.

Neural Interfaces: Fabrication of flexible neural probes with built-in micro-fluidic channels by thermal bonding of parylene; 3D flexible multi-channel neural probe array; radio-telemetry system with a shape memory alloy micro-electrode for neural recording of freely moving insects.

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