Best Poster Prize at MicroAlliance Symposium 2016 in Kyoto

I Happy to announce that the poster entitled MUSCLE-ACTUATED BIO-HYBRID MEMS BY CELL CULTURE AND DIFFERENTIATION ON METAMATERIAL MICRO-SCAFFOLDS has won the best poster price at the joint MicroAlliance symposium, 2nd French – Japanese Workshop on Micro & Nanotechnology and 3rd Nanomics Young Researcher Workshop/Nanotech Career-up Alliance 2016 hold in Kyoto.

Incoming Project Phase Started!

  The incoming project phase has started. Back in Germany the technology has by now successfully been transferred from Japan: In order to assemble biohybrid micro devices by optical means, it is necessary to first investigate cell growth conditions as well as design and biocompatibility of the MEMS. The first research […]

Open Days and Science Agora Public Events

This year science agora and open day Dissemination events where a great success with over 1000 visitors. The events included hands on activities such as fabrication of a elastomer finger, making a mini aquarium by suspension of hydrogels in a non-newtonian transparent fluid.