Back Cover Page of Advanced Healthcare Materials

We are pleased to announce that our research is features on the back cover page of Advanced Healthcare Materials Vol 7! Abstract One to trap them, one to guide them and one to rule them all – To ensure the proper functioning of biohybrid microsystems featuring multiple types of cells, a […]

New Publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials

  It’s with pleasure that we announce our new publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials with the title : Multicellular Biohybrid Materials: Probing the Interplay of Cells of Different Types Precisely Positioned and Constrained on 3D Wireframe-Like Microstructures Abstract Driven by the unbroken miniaturization trend in microtechnology, the development of smaller, […]

MEMS 2016 Shanghai

The IEEE international conference on MEMS 2016 was held in Shanghai this year. As announced previously the submitted abstract was accepted for poster presentation. You can get the full paper on my ResearchGate page. Here I will just publish the abstract and the poster. MUSCLE-ACTUATED BIO-HYBRID MEMS BY CELL CULTURE AND […]