MEMS 2017 Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!



The 30th MEMS conference was held in Las Vegas and was a enormous success. It was a great honor an pleasure to give a talk just after the plenary presentation on Tuesday. Great feedback and fruitful discussions. Thanks again to the organisation for a flawless event!



This paper reports on a biomimetic microskeleton actuated by muscle fibers. The 3D microskeleton is based on concatenated rib elements fabricated by two-photon polymerization of a custom-made hydrogel. For the first time, micrometer-sized skeletons were fabricated, overgrown with functional muscle fibers, and contracted at significant amplitudes. Compared to planar biomimetic structures, 3D microskeletons can be shaped into arbitrary complex geometries, thereby opening pathways towards muscle-driven biohybrid microrobots.


The will be published soon but it can be downloaded here already:

MEMS 2017 Proceedings

Link to ResearchGate